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Hilma Af Klint: The Complete Catalogue Raisonné: Volumes I-VII

Hilma Af Klint: The Complete Catalogue Raisonné: Volumes I-VII

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Transform your living space into a lovely tableau with a carefully-selected collection of books, adding a vibrant touch to the coffee table, mantle, or entry console when paired with a fresh vase of florals.

Spanning seven volumes, this comprehensive catalogue raisonné chronicles the prodigious creative output of the innovative abstract pioneer, Hilma af Klint (1862-1944), boasting nearly 1,600 works in total. Hilma af Klint's name has surged to the foreground of the art realm, her impact reverberating beyond Swedish borders and propelling her to a preeminent standing among modern painters. Now, more than eight decades after her passing, her contributions to the world of early abstract art have achieved a newfound recognition, forging a trailblazing path of acclaim.

"A catalogue raisonné is necessary in order to see the different cycles, motifs and symbols that recur in such an exciting way. If someone really wants to understand how Hilma af Klint's works function, they need these books," says Daniel Birnbaum, director of Acute Art and former director of Stockholm's Moderna Museet, who was co-editor with Kurt Almqvist.

In 2020, the first three volumes of Hilma af Klint: The Complete Catalogue Raisonné were released: Spiritualistic Drawings 1895-1910, The Paintings for the Temple 1906-1915 and The Blue Books. These chronicle the 15 sketchbooks produced by The Five--a collective of artists of which af Klint was a member. The former marks the beginning of her iconic journey into abstract painting, eventually culminating in The Paintings for the Temple (Volume II), an incredible array of 193 works--including the famous The Ten Largest.

At the conclusion of the 1910s, artist Hilma af Klint developed a variety of sets of smaller canvasses, wherein abstract forms were studied with the aid of a ruler and compass. These works are exhibited in the volume entitled "Geometric Series and Other Works 1917-1920". In 1922, then aged sixty, Hilma af Klint forsook the geometric approach entirely and embraced the Anthroposophical movement with her watercolour works, which can be admired in volume six, "Late Watercolours 1922-1941".

Publisher: Bokforlaget Stolpe AB
Publish Date: May 02, 2023
Pages: 1569
Dimensions: 12.0 X 15.0 X 12.5 inches | 37.95 pounds
Language: English
Type: Hardcover

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