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Core Vessel series

Core is a series of flat vessels inspired by Prehistoric African building techniques. Willem has been fascinated by vessels, because they have such a clear and easy function; hold and transport water. It also was a canvas for humanity to express themselves. In ancient times, every tribe had their own specific shape in vessels. In a research of expressing himself through a new material, he found a Challenge by developing a new form language. Because in Willems opinion, a lot of design is missing this freedom of expressing nowadays. All the pieces can have changed with the glazing. Willem calls the making naive and simple, “I think real ceramists will say it’s not a proper technique”, but the result keeps surprising him and that is what he is looking for. By not claiming to be a master in ceramics is not hindered by rules or dogmas. This attitude combined with a hunger for discovering new ideas has led to the flat vessel collection. By transforming a vessel that has always been shaped round and three-dimensional into a flat version resulted in a new archetype. Every vessel is thinner than 10 cm, and made out of two thick flat pieces of clay. The chamber that contains the water is placed in the middle of every vessel and gives them the balance they need. The vessels become even more stable when they are filled with water and this gives Willem the freedom to create surprisingly shapes.

Materials: Ceramic, Earthenware, Glaze, Pigments

Measurements: 13.7” W x 15.3” H

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