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Antica I Floor Lamp

Antica I Floor Lamp

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Before Europeans arrived in the Americas, the indigenous people mined copper to create elaborate masks, chains, and other objects as an offering to the Tarascan gods. The Antica I Floor Lamp is hand-crafted in Mexico in that tradition of metal smithing, creating a piece that's rich and organic, with artistic elegance and natural inspirations. A brushed silver finish graces the copper, offering a soft, warm effect that's sure to elevate any living space.

Available in a selection of distinguished finishes - Silver, Lime Sage, Forest, Turquoise, and Mare.


  • Contemporary silhouette inspired by natural flora
  • Made using recycled copper scraps in a traditional pre-Hispanic smithing method
  • Offers bright downlighting perfect for living areas, entries, halls, and more
  • Copper features a brushed silver finish that's soft and warm
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Designed by Ohla Studio
  • Finishes Available: Oxidized Lime, Oxidized Turquoise, Brushed Silver
  • Production Lead Time: 8-10 weeks


  • Dimensions (inch): 8"W x 13.75"D x 15.75"H
  • Dimensions (cm): 20W x 35D x 40H
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