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Arrowhead Vessel 04

Arrowhead Vessel 04

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Tuck a dried bloom into the Arrowhead Vessel and enjoy rich, earthy ambiance and sculptural allure. An angular profile is softened and embellished, creating an artistic sensibility to complement its rugged, raw clay presentation.


  • Evocative triangular profile inspired by a classic arrowhead and adorned with subtle embellishment
  • Archaic production technique creates a rugged, earthy ambiance
  • Made from deep brown high temperature clay; NOT Watertight
  • Handcrafted with the coil method
  • Created by Joana Moura, a Brazilian artist based in Rio de Janeiro
  • Made to order pieces will require a 5-7 weeks lead time


  • Dimensions (cm): 11W x 5D x 19H
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