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Petrified Wood Menorah Sculpture by Hannah Polskin

Petrified Wood Menorah Sculpture by Hannah Polskin

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Solid Petrified Wood

21” long by 10” tall by 2” deep

17.5 pounds

Signed on the bottom

There are two options for lighting the menorah— traditional Hanukkah candles or oil so that the flame appears to dance along the top of the stone. Included are 9 removable wicks and 9 wick holders which are reusable and will last the entire holiday. The burn time with olive oil ranges from 60-120 minutes. A dropper is included to cleanly deposit the oil into the menorah. Each stone is unique and will age naturally with use. Handle with care, always using two hands to pick up and place the menorah.

Enjoy your menorah as a sculptural object all year long simply by removing the wicks and wick holders.

Lighting Your Menorah Using Oil:

  1. Use the dropper to deposit 3 full pumps worth of oil into each channel

  2. Each channel should be 3/4 of the way full

  3. Pull the wick through the wick holder so 1/8" is exposed at the top

  4. Insert the wick into the channel until just the wick holder is visible

  5. Light the wick

  6. When the flame goes out let the wick holder and wick cool

  7. To reset your menorah for the next night, use a tweezer to pull out the black tip of the wick and trim just this part off

  8. Repeat step 1

Reminder: never leave an open flame unattended.

Item is made from natural stone mix, please note there might be variations in the color and markings

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