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Carciofo Wall Sconce

Carciofo Wall Sconce

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Mid-century Italian design takes a walk on the traditional side with a set of vintage wall sconces. Each features a square wall plate with a pair of brass tubes, cut on the diagonal, to create a striking interplay of light and shadow. They're a dramatic statement clustered in a foyer or lining a hallway in your home.


  • Each in a set of vintage wall sconces features two diagonally cut tubes on a square backplate
  • Illumination glows through brass tubes to create a striking visual display of light and shadow
  • Pipe organ design inspirations feature brass construction
  • In excellent condition, these sconces create a bold focal point
  • Authentic vintage set of wall sconces designed by Gianni Celada for Fontana Arte, Italy 1970


  • Brass Structure


  • Dimensions (cm): 17W x 8D x 38H

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