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Carlo Hauner Vintage Italian Table

Carlo Hauner Vintage Italian Table

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 Carlo Hauner Vintage Italian Table (Italy 60s)

This iconic teak wood coffee table by Carlo Hauner boasts a timeless, classic design, crafted by Format Italy in the 60s. Featuring four individual cubes with lids, it offers convenience and practicality that never goes out of style.

Carlo Hauner's journey began in 1927 in Brescia, Italy, and eventually led him to Forma, a Brazilian furniture company he helped pioneer through iconic designs. Martin Eisler joined him in collaboration shortly after he had settled in Buenos Aires in 1938. A decade later, Carlo returned to his homeland of Italy to found the Italian branch of Forma. As a result of his accomplishments, many esteemed clients have commended his designs, and even more have been charmed by the timelessness of his iconic models. Truly, the world of design has acclaimed his artistry.

  • Materials: teak wood
  • Dimensions: C100.5cm x H37 cm

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