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Cocoon Pendant Lamp - Oval

Cocoon Pendant Lamp - Oval

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Introduce vintage character in a welcoming foyer or dining room with a vintage pendant lamp. Designed in Italy in the 1960s, it features a skeel internal structure sprayed with special cocoon resin to create a ribbed, balloon-like structure that's light and airy but earthy at the same time.


  • Simple and sophisticated, a vintage pendant shines over a dining table or foyer
  • Sprayed with special cocoon resin for a light, ethereal look
  • Oval silhouette created with an internal steel structure in a white coated finish
  • In excellent condition, this pendant creates a bold focal point
  • Authentic vintage pendant from Italian Manufacture, 1960s


  • White Coated Internal Steel Structure, Sprayed with Special Cocoon Resin


  • Dimensions (cm): 50W x 50D x 27H

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