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Coffee Table by Ceramics Furniture Plants

Coffee Table by Ceramics Furniture Plants

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A grand silhouette is contrasted against smooth surfaces and natural wood grain in a modern coffee table. Its sculpted look is created with three wide legs, two of which are parallel with the third perpendicular to create maze-like dimensionality. The single leg protrudes through the tabletop, offering contrast and dimension perfect for minimalist spaces.


  • Natural beauty of wood pairs with a robust profile to striking effect
  • Single perpendicular legs protrudes through the tabletop to add drama
  • Made from African mahogany wood in a natural finish
  • Three-legged profile with two parallel and one perpendicular to create visual interest
  • Wood is a natural material and variation in grain pattern is to be expected
  • Designed by Ceramics Furniture Plants
  • Production Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


  • Dimensions: 34"W x 20.5"D x 13"H

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