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Doris Dining Table

Doris Dining Table

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Base Material
Intricate detail and texture perfectly complement the smooth, sleek marble top featured on the inspired Doris Dining Table. Offering classic elegance with its Doric column design, the table offers a choice of tabletop shapes and base materials, with each combination creating a slightly different aura in your dining room or kitchen. Pedestals feature dual polished and raw finish elements while marble is gently beveled to soften its look and feel.


  • Multi-point star column base inspired by an ancient Greek Doric column
  • Pedestals are polished on one side and raw on the other to create compelling dimension and artistry
  • Gorgeous marble top available in multiple shapes to create the perfect fit for your space
  • Choose from two base material options, blackened bronze and aluminum, each offering a unique look
  • Designed by Fred and Juul and crafted at a renowned Tuscan foundry in Italy
  • Production Lead Time: 11-12 weeks


  • Blackened Bronze, Aluminum, Marble


  • Height: 75 cm
  • Dimensions (cm): 160 x 160
  • Dimensions (cm): 200 x 110
  • Dimensions (cm): 240 x 120
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