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Evin Gabbeh Rug - Onyx 4" x 6'2"

Evin Gabbeh Rug - Onyx 4" x 6'2"

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Evin Gabbeh Rug - Onyx

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The Evin Gabbeh Rug is woven from 100% wool with traditional hand-knotting methods in Pakistan. Its onyx hue offers classic sophistication, while the sturdy construction ensures lasting endurance. This timeless piece is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or dining spaces.

Material: 100% wool

Dimensions: 4" x 6'2"

Density: 101-140 kps

Pile Height: 1/2"

Note: This one-of-a-kind rug features unique wear, markings, and coloring, all adding to its individual character. Carefully crafted by hand, slight variations in size and weave may be present. 

Please email for any additional questions or vintage rug requests.

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