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Fossil Vessel 05

Fossil Vessel 05

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Prized by beachcombers the world over, a shark's tooth provides inspiration for the silhouette of the Fossil Vessel from Brazilian artist Joana Moura. A sculptural piece crafted with the coil method, it conveys timeless, earthy ambiance, perfect to host a single dried flower. (Note, this vessel is not watertight.)


  • Rounded, angular silhouette evoking a shark's tooth smoothed by time
  • Archaic production technique creates a rugged, earthy ambiance
  • Made from white high temperature clay; NOT Watertight
  • Handcrafted with the coil method
  • Created by Joana Moura, a Brazilian artist based in Rio de Janeiro
  • Made to order pieces will require a 4-6 weeks lead time


  • Dimensions (cm): 13W x 3D x 15H
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