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"I Will Tell You Why" 2022

"I Will Tell You Why" 2022

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The sleek divide between light and dark, a sharp edge, creates intriguing style for this modern wall art piece. It's a chic marriage of black and cream, creating exceptional dichotomy that's sure to capture the imagination of all who gaze upon this piece.


  • A modern wall art piece captures the imagination and inspires with a light and dark composition
  • Duality of black and cream creates thought-provoking energy
  • Art transforms based upon placement within your space, creating a striking play of light and shadow
  • Created with a seamless harmony of paint and fabric
  • From artist Minh Dung Vu, born in Vietnam and currently working from Leipzig, Germany; circa 2022


  • Sewn Chiffon, Canvas, Fabric and Wood


  • Dimensions (cm): 190H x 150W

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