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La Fábrica by Ricardo Bofill

La Fábrica by Ricardo Bofill

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Transform your living space into a lovely tableau with a carefully-selected collection of books, adding a vibrant touch to the coffee table, mantle, or entry console when paired with a fresh vase of florals.

La Fábrica--one of Ricardo Bofill's most groundbreaking designs--is an old cement factory located on the outskirts of Barcelona. Discovered by chance while driving along, this masterpiece has been the center of the creative Catalan architect's life since 1973. By uncovering the edifice's concrete forms beneath years of dust and smoke, and allowing nature to reclaim its walls, Ricardo managed to strike a harmonious balance between a colossal scale and a sublimely gentle touch--making it one of the original industrial buildings to be tastefully renovated and still undergoing transformation.

This new edition of La Fábrica builds upon the original 2018 version, graciously featuring exclusive archival imagery provided by RBTA and a stunning range of photographs by Nacho Alegre, taken during his visits to the remarkable structure over the last decade. He was able to document the state of the building one final time in November 2022, ending the book with 32 pages of captivating, never-before-seen images—a mesmerizing portrait of the beloved work of Ricardo, amid a period of immense transformation. 

Published by Apartamento Publishing S.L.
December 2022
First edition
Dimensions: 240 x 285mm
Pages: 156
Binding: hard cover

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