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Limber Amber Brass Handle

Limber Amber Brass Handle

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The Limber Amber Brass Handle lends a charm that is as graceful as it is unique, with its curvaceous profile and perfectly straight line from the front. Rendered in a matte finish with a natural, warm amber hue that evokes an aged appearance, this handle is a tasteful adornment for cabinets and drawers, and when mirrored in pairs of two, brings a sophisticated touch to long drawers.


  • Gentle, wave-like curve highlights a slim silhouette for a delicate finishing touch on cabinetry
  • Warm, shiny finish creates a graceful, elegant presence
  • Artisanal production allows slight variation and imperfection; polished nickel develops a subtle opacification that with time creates a rich patina
  • Measures 135mm high by 8mm wide by 24/38mm deep
  • Variations and imperfections in these pieces are part and parcel of the artisanal production process, while natural Brass and Nickel finishes develop a subtle opacification that, over time, bestows them with an exquisite patina.
  • Only a gentle cloth is necessary to cleanse the brass components, allowing them to retain their bright luster.


  • Dimensions (mm): 8W x 0.63D x 135H
  • Cc: 128 mm


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