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Modder Patience Vase by Françoise Jeffrey

Modder Patience Vase by Françoise Jeffrey

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Take your coffee or console table decor to new places with the rugged elegance of the Modder Patience sculptural vase by Françoise Jeffrey. A true art piece inspired by the life lesson of the artist's mother, the sculpture is a unique coil built design crafted in clay with an unglazed finish that almost compels touch. Earthy but elegant, the Modder Patience is at home in virtually any space.


  • Created with the ethos that the imperfect is perfect as a sculptural conversation piece
  • Unique coil built sculptural piece
  • Named starting with 'Modder' because it sounds like 'mother' but also because it means 'mud' in Dutch, which captures the essence of clay
  • Features unglazed clay stoneware construction
  • Designed by Françoise Jeffrey and made in the Netherlands


  • Dimensions (cm): 36 x 17
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