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Modder Simply Strong by Françoise Jeffrey

Modder Simply Strong by Françoise Jeffrey

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Modder Simply Strong by Françoise Jeffrey

Unique sculptural conversation pieces, perfectly imperfect wabi sabi style, hand made, coil built, unglazed longing to touch and to be touched by conscious sensitive souls. Françoise has created each piece to be a loving and nurturing reminder to care for one's self. To always take control in life and bravely rely on their intuition. These lessons and beliefs that were instilled by Françoise's mother remain her own daily reminder that she continues to instill within her own life.

Made in The Netherlands - Every piece is named starting with 'Modder', because it sounds like 'mother' but also because it means 'Mud' in Dutch, which capture what clay truly is.

Dimensions (cm): 15x20

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