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Mono Organic Cotton Percale Flat Sheet

Mono Organic Cotton Percale Flat Sheet

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Incorporate bold color without overwhelming when you choose a stylish, modern percale flat sheet. Offering a light, breathable layer between body and blankets, the flat sheet features 300 thread count percale in a soft, smooth weave great for all seasons.


  • 300 thread count percale cotton flat sheet is smooth and soft
  • Smooth and durable, with a finish that doesn't pill
  • Weave is tight but breathable, with a light, fresh feeling perfect for all seasons
  • Header measures 10 centimeters to create a finished look
  • Woven with 100% organic GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton
  • Style: Mono


  • Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton Percale


  • Dimensions (cm): 200 x 260
  • Dimensions (in): 16.67 x 21.67
    King Single
  • Dimensions (cm): 230 x 280
  • Dimensions (in): 19.17 x 23.33
  • Dimensions (cm): 250 x 280
  • Dimensions (in): 20.83 x 23.33
  • Dimensions (cm): 280 x 280
  • Dimensions (in): 23.33 x 23.33
    Super King
  • Dimensions (cm): 310 x 280
  • Dimensions (in): 25.83 x 23.33

Product Care:

  • SUTRAM recommends care that prolongs the use of your items for as long as possible in a way which is safe for you and gentler on the environment.
  • SUTRAM bedwear comes in a tight percale weave made from longer staple organic cotton fibers for added durability.
  • We recommend washing your bedwear with like colors and similar textures to minimize color transfer and wear. Select a shorter, cold cycle to minimize water consumption.
  • To minimize creasing, hang your sheets to dry as soon the wash cycle is over. If you need to tumble dry, do so at a low heat.
  • SUTRAM bedwear was designed to be lived in and will look and feel great with or without pressing. If you do want extra crisp hotel-feel, try ironing your bedwear.
  • To freshen your pillows and duvet inner, air them in full sunlight.
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