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Prim Amber Brass - Pull

Prim Amber Brass - Pull

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PRIM offers an effortlessly elegant statement, delicate in its character and warm in its amber hue. This delightful piece of cabinetry hardware boasts a matte finish imbued with the timeless beauty of age. Enhancing any wardrobe space or antique piece of furniture, it's a part of The Spaces Within collection--modern hardware designed to be the perfect finishing touch.

Amber Brass
Height: 61 mm
Width: 13 mm
Depth: 25 mm

Variations and imperfections in these pieces are part and parcel of the artisanal production process, while natural Brass and Nickel finishes develop a subtle opacification that, over time, bestows them with an exquisite patina.

Only a moist fabric has to be used to clean the brass parts.

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