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Prim Amber Brass - Pull

Prim Amber Brass - Pull

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Put the finishing touches on an exquisite modern kitchen with the Prim Amber Brass Pull, perfect for doors and drawers that need a little warmth. Brass has a soft matte finish and develops a classic patina over time, assuring a refined look that belies its artisanal production.


  • Delicate curled profile with a petite ball at its center captures attention
  • Matte finish lends a rustic, aged ambiance
  • Artisanal production allows slight variation and imperfection; brass develops a subtle opacification that with time creates a rich patina
  • Measures 61mm high by 13mm wide by 25mm deep
  • From the Spaces Within collection of modern hardware


  • Dimensions (mm): 13W x 25D x 61H
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