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Soft Oval Travertine Coffee Table with Fluted Base

Soft Oval Travertine Coffee Table with Fluted Base

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Build your living room around the luxe look and feel of a vintage travertine coffee table. Its light coloration and decorative details make it a stand-out piece in any setting, while light wear commensurate with its age offers intriguing character.


  • Vintage travertine coffee table is a stunning centerpiece that exudes luxurious sophistication
  • Fluted column pedestal adds depth and textural dimensionality
  • Gorgeous light-hued travertine stone creates a luxurious look and feel in any living room
  • Small nibbling to base
  • This is an authentic vintage piece and is sold as-is, including minor imperfections reflective of previous usage
  • Made available by Anna Unwin


  • Dimensions (cm): 140L x 80W x 40H

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