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Squiggle Full Length Mirror in Charred Oak

Squiggle Full Length Mirror in Charred Oak

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Indulgent with a whimsical twist, the Squiggle full-length mirror delivers an unforgettable dose of attitude perfect for a modern space. Create an artisan and shapely motif with a custom-made mirror offering an asymmetrical mix of a straight side and a wavy side, designed to impress. Charred oak finish wood framing is deliberate and refining, becoming part of its Avant Garde flavor.


  • Whimsical shape delivers charming artisan side
  • Straight edge and wavy edge create fun silhouetting
  • Full-length mirror useful for dressing spaces
  • Non-beveled glass with charred oak frame
  • Designed by Christopher Miano
  • Item made to order, please allow 8-10 weeks for production


  • Dimensions: 72" x 34" x 2"
Inquire at for a quote on shipment costs, not included in the price.
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