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Stemmed Cups (Tall) - Set of Two

Stemmed Cups (Tall) - Set of Two

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Modeling the traditional Asian ceramic serve ware motif, this set of two tall-stemmed cups find their utility on dining tables or display tables. Delicate porcelain construction with a food-safe glaze accommodates dining and serving, as a tall body with a subtly cinched top edge and classic stem align beautifully.


  • Reflective of classic Asian ceramic ware
  • Tall body with classic stem silhouette
  • Delicate notched edges adds refined and alternate design elements
  • Porcelain construction
  • Multipurpose functionality includes serving and décor
  • Designed by Liyang Zhang
  • Production Lead Time: 3-5 weeks


  • Porcelain


  • Dimensions: 5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
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