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The Walker and The Lost Soul 1 by Egle Simkus

The Walker and The Lost Soul 1 by Egle Simkus

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Famous French cave paintings inform the unique look of a modern abstract sculpture from artist Egle Simkus. Its tall, tapering silhouette features a porcelain slip finish with abstract line drawings, create a sense of visual interest and depth, intriguing the viewer to create a fresh, engaging profile in your modern or traditional home.
This item is not glazed on the interior. It is a sculptural vase that is not intended for holding water.


  • An ancient sensibility infuses a modern abstract sculpture and its artful line details
  • Tapering structure and abstract etchings add visual interest
  • Features a black and white porcelain slip finish
  • Made in France for exceptional quality and craftsmanship
  • Designed by artist Egle Simkus


  • Clay


  • Dimensions (cm): 20W x 45H

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