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Travertine Desk by Claude Berrladacci

Travertine Desk by Claude Berrladacci

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This desk is crafted from the purest travertine, sourced from the Tivoli quarry near Rome. In fact, the same travertine is used to construct the iconic Vatican buildings, Colosseum, and Trevi Fountain. The stone is skillfully worked to achieve a unique "softened" texture, finished with a natural and matte appearance. Its light color adds to the overall mineral aesthetic. Only 5 of these desks were made, with 2 acquired by Pierre Cardin for the Palais Bulles.


  • Visually compelling geometric shapes make for a distinct focal point in any office or open space.
  • The product boasts a natural and matte appearance, crafted from raw stone material.
  • Sophisticated and earthy, perfect for a refined but inviting living space


  • Travertine


  • Dimensions (cm): L158x P75 x H75 cm
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