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Undulated Vessel

Undulated Vessel

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Undulated Vessel by Tamara “Solem” Al-Issa

The Deep Blue Series by Solem elevates any room with its velvet, striking cobalt hue.
By combining traditional pottery forms with the almost imperceivable vivid ultramarine
surface, this piece is sure to complement neutral decor and create a sense of

Please note that since each item is handmade with natural materials, there will be slight
variations in size and shape. Each vessel is water resistant. Use a damp, clean sponge
to clean surface of vase.

Items are made to order, with a production time of 4-7 weeks.

Materials: Stoneware, Cobalt pigment, glaze
Finish: Raw, matte surface
Dimensions: 15” x 9” x 9”

For special requests, inquiries, or additional information, contact
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