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Untitled Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 50 cm

Untitled Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 50 cm

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Subtle textural touches and soft neutral hues create a calming effect for a modern wall art piece. It's block design and understated tonal shifts capture the eye without overwhelming, perfect for a modern living area or bedroom.


  • Neutral colors create a soft but compelling palette for this modern wall art
  • Blocky geometric forms ensure clean, precise aesthetics
  • From Beijing, China based artist Emma Zhang
  • Zhang practices a purist style that utilizes acrylic paints, handmade paper, antique books/magazines, and various fabrics to create a fresh look
  • This piece measures 60x50cm and features mixed media on canvas


  • Mixed Media on Canvas


  • Dimensions (cm): 60H x 50W

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