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Vessel No. 476 by Natalia Engelhardt

Vessel No. 476 by Natalia Engelhardt

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Infusing your space with relic-like rugged earthiness, this modern ceramic vase is a distinctive accent on a console or dining table. Its stone-like texture and finish are accentuated with black to create the look of burn scars, delivering authentic character and dimensionality. Colorful flowers add cheery flair, while leaving the vase empty offers moody ambiance in your space.


  • Add chic, artisan style to your home or office with a modern ceramic vase
  • Engaging, artistic silhouette features an off-set neck that adds dynamic depth
  • Stone-like mottled tan and white finish accented with black to create a bold, textured look
  • Hand sculpted in New York
  • Designed by ceramicist Natalia Englehardt


  • Dimensions: 8"W x 6"D x 9.5"H

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