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Vintage Brass Desk Lamp by Anna Unwin

Vintage Brass Desk Lamp by Anna Unwin

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Enhance a timeless workspace with a vintage brass desk lamp. Its banker's inspired style includes an adjustable arm with a petite base that won't overwhelm your workspace. Light patina and signs of wear add aged authenticity and charm, perfect for classic ambiance.


  • Vintage brass desk lamp shows patina and signs of wear that add classic gravitas
  • Adjustable arm allows you to position the light perfectly for your workspace
  • Traditional cylindrical metal shade directs light downward for a warm glow over your desktop
  • Light wear and patina of the brass creates a character-rich piece for your den or study
  • This is an authentic vintage piece and is sold as-is, including minor imperfections reflective of previous usage
  • Made available by Anna Unwin


  • Dimensions (cm): 17D x 43H

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