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Vintage Vase Set by Claude Gaget

Vintage Vase Set by Claude Gaget

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Finding inspiration in Brutalist design and the natural world around him, Claude Gaget created his 'Landscape' collection, from which this vintage set of two vases emerges. Crafted in France in the 1970s, the pair features one large and one small vase, each featuring chamotte and enameled stoneware that create dynamic texture and dimension while maintaining rough, rugged aesthetics.


  • Authentic vintage pottery that dates to the 1970s
  • Earthy, organic colors and textures evoke a mountainous horizon
  • Features chamotte and enameled stoneware
  • Brutalist design from the 'Landscape' collection by Claude Gaget
  • Crafted in La Borne, which is produced French pottery since the 12th century


  • Ceramic Stoneware


  • Dimensions (cm): 30L x 7D x 28H
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