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Vivi Side Table in Oak

Vivi Side Table in Oak

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A sculpted wood side table means never having to choose between form and function, offering the best of both worlds in a sophisticated den or living room. Its rectangular form is enhanced with lattice cutouts in rich, warm natural oak, creating a checkerboard effect that's supremely engaging and elegant.


  • A modern rectangular side table creates a bold focal point with clean lines and artistic cutouts
  • Lattice design highlights positive and negative space to create compelling juxtaposition
  • Cutout checkerboard pattern evokes a classic wooden puzzle, adding depth and drama
  • Crafted from oak with natural grain markings
  • From designer Rachel Donath, who focuses on sustainable, ethical craftsmanship and collaborates with local and global artisans to support surrounding communities.


  • Dimensions (cm): 48W x 40D x 53.6H

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